Workshops 2020

Hello Everyone and I have a new Photo Workshop schedule up for all of you that have been messaging me.

I am going to focus on the beautiful New Mexico landscapes this year as so many of you have requested.

A new Photo Workshop Schedule for all of you that have been asking me for.
All this years photo workshops will be 3 days in length and scheduled for weekends of the New Moon to include Milky Way imaging on the nights of the workshops.
Workshops are $750.00 for the 3 days and also include use of Tracking mounts and of course taking you to some of the most beautiful remote places here in New Mexico along with low light imaging and some of the best view of remote New Mexico you have ever seen. There will be hiking to these locations with all of it east to moderate walking.

1) May 24,25 – White Sands, New Mexico. 2 Days out in the sands exploring and shooting the dunes with nights shooting the Milky Way. $500.00 per person includes 2 nights on the dunes and park entry along with use of Tracking mounts for Milky Way imaging, guidance with shooting and tracking the stars for fantastic night images and low light night imaging. Limited to 4 people

June 19,29,21 – Valley of Dreams, Chaco Canyon, The beautiful hoodoos of Northwest New Mexico for 2 days and 1 night along with a night and day at Chaco Canyon. Truly a spiritual and amazing photographic experience. $750.00 per person and includes camping and Park fees. Includes use of Tracking mounts and guidance in shooting the Milky Way. Limited to 4 people.

-July 17,18,19 Northwest New Mexico and an all Hoodoo amazing rock formation workshop including a full day at Bisti Badlands, the Egg Factory, Petrified trees, and two day and nights at the Valley of Dreams with the amazing hoodoos and beautiful Milky Way at the Hoodoos. $750.00 per person and includes use of Tracking Mounts and guidance to shooting the night sky along with low light imaging. Limited to 4 people.

August 14,15,16 – Valley of Dreams, Bisti Badlands. Three days shooting these two beautiful areas during the day and night showing you the best sets of Hoodoos, the Egg Factory, Petrifies forest, and two nights of Milky Way shooting using Tracking mounts and low light photography. $750.00 per person with only 4 persons for this workshop.

September 18,19, 20 – White Sands. Three days and two nights on the dunes and a couple of other cool shooting locations nearby with two nights on the sands capturing the Milky Way with tracking mounts and utilizing low light photography. Tracking mounts provided. Small group of only 4 people. $750.00 include park and camping fees.

October 16,17,18 – Valley of Dreams, Shiprock, two days, one night out in the beautiful high desert hoodoos and fantastic rock formations with Milky Way imaging at night and the second night sunset at Shiprock and Milky Way shooting at night and then the morning sunrise at the rock. Tracking mounts to use, guidance and also low light shooting techniques all included. $750.00 per person limited to 4 people.

All workshops require a 50% deposit and remainder due at the time of workshop. Once signed up, I will invoice you for the deposit for secure payment. You can reach me at anytime at or by phone/text at 505-948-8774

Feel free to inquire with any ? you may have. Transportation to and from workshops can be arranged with me at no extra charge if you have no transportation / flying in from out of state. I will supply water, snacks, Granola bars, fruit etc.. for breakfast, Sandwiches etc. for lunch and a warm dinner.

Essence of Time and Place

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