Milky Way / Photo Workshops 2019

Hello everyone and now that I am back up to speed with my hip replacement and no more extreme pain issues its time to get back out shooting. Yay!

I am offering one night or several night shooting in the desert Southwest and Milky Way shooting workshops. So many of you have contacted me over the last year interested in doing Milky Way workshops so I am going to put up my schedule for this summer/fall

Participant will need transportation to shooting sites and all are accessible with a higher clearance vehicles, 4WD, AWD

You will need camping equipment, food, water, (bring lots of water!) etc… for overnight camping and shooting. I do have a stove, extra cooler, cooking gear etc,,, that I will supply.

My rates are $200.00/ day and $600.00 for the 3-4 day workshops per person.  This will include shooting during the day as well as Milky Way night shooting. Workshops are limited to 4 participants each. Everyone should be fit for hiking with moderate hiking involved at times.

We will be shooting with tracking mounts and also tripod shooting. I have a couple of tracking mounts to use but bring yours to make sure everyone is able to capture some long exposures.

May 29-31 Northwest New Mexico:  Chaco Canyon, Valley of Dreams, Shiprock, Bisti Badlands $600.00 $250.00 deposit

June 26-28 Northwest New Mexico: Chaco Canyon, Valley of Dreams, Shiprock, Bisti Badlands $600.00  $250.00 deposit

July 29- Aug 1  Northwest New Mexico: Chaco Canyon, Valley of Dreams, Shiprock, Bisti Badlands $600.00  $250.00 deposit

Aug 26-28  Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona  $600.00 $250.00 deposit

Sept 24-26 Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona  $600.00 $250.00 deposit

Oct 21-24 Wandering Northern Arizona, Grand Canyon North, Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness  $600.00 $250.00 deposit

Please contact me with any questions you may have. 

I also offer one /two night photo workshops shooting the Milky Way around the Santa Fe area, White Sands, Taos, etc… during the four days after the above workshop schedule. Please contact me if you are looking for a more of a one on one workshop for just a day or two. My rates are $250.00 / day which includes daytime and Milky Way shooting in the area.

Contact me at:


phone: 505-948-8774


Thanks again everyone!

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