Hello Everyone!

After a while from adding work and posting here on my website I have finally put everything back in order.

I have been dealing with a health issue that has caused me so much pain I had become a bit immobile. I had a hip replacement done back in November 2018 and in the process the surgeon broke my Femur. Unfortunately, this put me out of commission from any type of walking for a little over 3 months. 

It was a dark winter and during the healing I battled with a bit of depression. After years of dealing with the constant pain and then to deal with this surgical problem just was too much for me. I was unable to produce Christmas orders, go out shooting, or really do anything productive other than heal.

As of Feb. 9th I was given the green light to walk again and here I am going through physical therapy and a lot of work on my own to get back up to strength. I am able to walk now and getting closer to get out and shoot again. I should be fine by the end of April with any luck and back up to 95% anyway.

I do appreciate all of your support through this winter and bless you all.  I have been producing prints again and welcome your orders if you find something you like.

Please take a look at the upgraded website and all those new images and please feel free to contact me with any ? you may have.

Thanks again everyone!

Ventana el Cielo

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