About Klaus Priebe

Welcome to my photography page.

klaus-priebe-2This is an extension of my love for photography. I travel throughout the southwest US capturing the landscape and its beauty. I am a huge fan and love monochrome photography. I try to capture the mood and feelings within an image using monochrome.

I also have a love for artistic and expressive photography. I love the work of Dali, Uelsmann, Ray, and so many other artists and try to convey many of my visions using multiple image and composite photo-art. Overall I just love photography and how I am free to express what my minds eye sees and what my soul feels…

My love for photography was born when I was 12 years old when my Grandparents bought me my first 35mm camera. This love grew as I began to learn more about photography and lived across the street from the local newspaper photographer. He taught me how to compose, shoot and working in the darkroom. He also brought the photographer Ansel Adams into my life. From the wonderful work of Mr. Adams and along with many other landscape photographers I fell in love with capturing the landscape around me. From this my photographic life was born. Now as I am into it for more than 25 years I have a special love of the world around me and capture what I witness for everyone to enjoy.

My main influence is Ansel Adams. As I was young his work just made me yearn to see and experience the outdoors as he was. There are so many other photographers that have influenced me with my landscape work such as Galen Rowell, Muench, Art Wolfe and the list goes on and on. I get inspired by Mother Nature herself. I think she is the single greatest artist on the planet and being able to capture her beauty is an honor in itself.

I currently capture the beauty of the southwest in my photography. I have a love for the landscape, people and creating art from my experiences. I have enjoyed photography for a good part of my life and now making a living out of what I love. Traveling and capturing the beauty of the Desert Southwest has become my passion. As I continue my exploration of these amazing places I fall more in love with Mother Earth, Mother Nature. I have to capture this beauty to fulfill my heart.

I have been published over a dozen times in the last two years including National Geographic magazine, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro Magazine, New Mexico magazine, Cowboys and Indians along with several other periodicals.

I see my body of work as the growth of myself, my thoughts and my life experiences. It is the documentation of the places I love and my perception of the beauty they hold. It is the story of my life, travels and passion. I am drawn to the beauty of our planet and from that has brought out my passion for capturing the landscape around us.


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