Framed, Matted Artwork, Metal, Acrylic Prints

All of my matted and framed artwork is done on 100% acid free archival material. museum board and 99% UV glass.

My work is reveal matted on 24×30″ and larger and over matted on 18×24 and smaller.

I use a variety of colored boards including White, Black, Gray, and a series of Tans for the sepia/Palladium toned images.

My Canvas Prints are done with a thick 1-1/2″ frame, wrapped black on the border. I mage wrapped is available on request. As the framed prints the canvases are archival made and treated with two coats of a Satin UV varnish to protect from UV and dust and dirt. They can be easily wiped down if dirty.

Metal and Acrylic face mounted prints are also done to the highest of standards and can be ordered with floating wall mount or framed. Prices on my website here are for floating mounts. Framed mounts will be extra and please contact me for a price quote.

For any other info please contact me at any time.

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  1. Florence Hall January 21, 2019 at 6:42 am #

    Thank you for allowing me to view the land I love through your skilled eye. I’ve been in New Mexico since ’73 and was finally able to retire in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado a few years ago. You have picked several magical places I have traveled during the many decades in these areas. Your art does supreme justice to the beauty of our lands. I hope to be able to purchase some of your work in the near future.
    Having been an injury lawyer and a long-time insurance adjuster in NM, it sounds as though you have a valid claim against the surgeon for breaking your femur. You could collect for the cost of the second operation and most importantly, for the loss of income during the extended recovery period. I would be happy to give you the names of Albuquerque attorneys you might contact to review the details of this matter. As you probably know, the lawyers who handle such matters do not charge their clients but do take a percentage of any recovery made. Unfortunately, I have also had to employ an attorney to pursue a couple personal matters for me and my friends. That’s the reason I retain a list of those I respect and would be willing to share. Couldn’t hurt. Might help.
    Regardless, I hope you get well soon! Blessings to you and yours,

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