Dali’s Garden

ttt-alien-sunsetA recent shoot found us in a very remote part of Northwest New Mexico. Not an easy place to access but once you are there its like being on another world.

I have never seen such an amazing set of rock formations, The artwork of Mother Nature that leaves a person in awe. When I first looked at these formations it reminded me of something Salvador Dali might have created. The shapes, sensual curves, the totally surrealistic look of the land. Thought I was a part of his art for a little while.

We have barely scratched the surface and a couple more trips are coming up to catch many more of the formations there.  I am pretty sure it has many, many more wonderful images waiting to be shot  there.  More on our next trip soon…ttt-dalis-garden-marbles ttt-dalis-garden-iii ttt-alien-garden


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